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Classification 2 by Color Pigment  
Color is very excellent and it looks light and clean. But it can erupt depending on kinds of ultraviolet and it is expensive.
This pearl-shaped pigment is widely used in luxurious and prestigious plastic. The size and color of pearl particle can be manufactured diversely depending on the purpose, but stripes can appear in injection molding and blow molding.
This is M/B which can make marble patterns and rock shape on plastic products. Its particle size and color can be made variously.
By adding gold-, silver-, copper-colored metal to plastic products, it can make products look like metal. The size and color of its particle can be manufactured diversely.
This is a pigment which absorbs light from the sun, fluorescent lamp, and glow lamp, and releases and radiates it gradually in a dark place. Thus, this pigment is absorptive, accumulative and luminant.
As a kind of chameleon pigments, it exhibits color by selectively reflecting visible rays from light. This pigment is made based on the principle that heat causes a change of materials resulting in color change.
Chameleon UV is a pigment which reacts to ultraviolet out of solar rays.