This is a pellet-shaped compounding, and pigments are colored on the selected resin. The user don't have to compound pigments because it is made by directly injecting materials in the product. It is mainly used for automobile parts or those of electric home appliances and its physical property is stable.
This is a powdered coloring agent which is made by compounding pigments and dispersing agents. Since it can be used in injection molding and extrusion molding by compounding it with raw resin materials, it is simple to use it and its dispersibility is quite good. Thus, it is widely used. The density of pigment is 20% to 80% and dispersing agents are Ca, Zn, and Ma of stearic acid. In addition to these, polyethylene wax or amide lubricant is sometimes used. This coloring is cheap and easily used to handle a work which is expected to be finished in a short time.
This is applied a lot for miscellaneous goods. However, it has also demerits as to pollution, stability of coloring, and weighing. In addition, it is not suitable to color fabrics or films whose particle dispersibility is strict.
It is convenient to apply this pigment to all resin products.
With a small amount, a lot of products can be manufactured.
It minimizes color deviation.
It shows great tinctorial power, dispersibility, and transparency.