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This is a coloring agent which disperses dyestuffs and pigments with high density, using resin or the subject of coloring as a main ingredient of vehicle. It has a few effects on physical properties, it is handled easily and excellent in non-pollution and weighing. The coloring agent looks like pellet and the density of pigment is 20% to 70%. Since it is outstanding in particle dispersion, it is suitable to color most plastics as well as films or fiber. The ratio of raw resin materials to MB in coloring is 100 : 3 to 100 : 5.
Easy to color
Excellent dispersibility
Convenient to change colors
Comfortable and efficient working environment
For Extrusion Molding
- For Non-Woven Fabric, Larmor coating, Ultrathin Film, Mulching, Fishing Net, Flat-Yarn, PP, Fiber, and Sheet
For Injection Molding
- For Automobile Parts, Electric Home Appliances(TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Cleaner, etc.)
For a Variety of Enpla, Furniture, Toys, Other Miscellaneous Goods
For Blow Molding
- For a Variety of Bottles, Cosmetics Cases, Cleanser Cases, Casks for Chemical Goods, etc